Due to the restrictions associated with the Coronavirus infection, most of the events will be postponed. Country information can be found under "Where to find Watsu"

Greetings to the WATSU Community from WABA board

22. - 28. March 2020 (18. - 24. May 2020)

Worldwide Watsu® Week

  • a worldwide event is organized by the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association WABA and will be open to all who are interested in Watsu®
  • you will be introduced to the technique of Watsu® and will understand its importance in the today’s world
  • you can experience this unique technique yourself or try and apply it to other persons
  • the broad offer of side programmes includes Tantsu or Watsu® Round
  • the events and the sessions are going to be for free

The week will kick off on 22 March - the world water day

What is watsu?

Across the long history of Watsu®, the year 2019 marked the first time when this event was held in a large number of countries and cities simultaneously. Countless therapists and clients were involved all over the world. Seeing that the event had such a success and created a huge wave of cooperation, we decided to continue and to make a tradition out of the World Watsu® Week, with the second year to be held from 22.03. to 28.03.2020.


This year we have decided to have a common topic in organizing World Watsu® Week event: the focus will be People/Children with Orthopedic, Neurologic and Rheumatologic Special Needs, and how Watsu® can have a profound effects on the neuromuscular system, and benefits clients with a wide variety of special needs.
The topic is not mandatory for organizers, but can be a choice in the structure where the team is specialized in such issue.
World Watsu®Week will start again with the Water Day on 22 March.
Certain countries where, for instance, outdoor swimming pools are used, or which cannot join us in the week from 22 March for any other reason, may use a period more suitable for them.
Some countries will use the second term for Watsu® Week from 18 May 2020.
However, all countries officially vouch for the World Watsu® Week from 22 to 28 March 2020 in order to achieve a unique media support and joint promotion of Watsu® for professional and non-professional public, at the same time and encompassing the whole world.

Every country will have its own programme: presentations of Watsu®, experimental therapy, Watsu® Round, Tantsu, lectures, projections and other side programmes…

World watsu week

Where you can join us

We ask organizers to send a link to your website where people can find information about your World Watsu Week :) The link will be placed under the flag of your country.